Legend has it, a few hundred kilometers over the Thunder Mountains, there is a place known as the Land of the Rising Sun. Some say it's the location of a top secret headquarters, some say it's the secret homeland of the ellusive samur-eye demoman. All we know is that they have pretty landscapes and even prettier architecture, so we contracted Mann Co. to ship some of Nippon back here, for you to use in your custom team fortress 2 maps and/or SFM videos!

The Japanese Content pack is a pack of custom assets for all your TF2 needs made by Freyja and E-Arkham. It contains models, textures, overlays and particles, everything you need to make a peaceful, tranquil environment to frame the decapitation of anyone who insulted your honor.




To allow for maximum flexibility and options for your map, the pack comes with 13 modular roofing pieces (each piece contains an roof and underside) with 3 skins - red, blue and gray - each, allowing you to create an endless collection of buildings without having to custom fit models. Additionally, there are 3 types of spines in each colour, to cap your custom designs.




Not Convinced? Check out this map!

They say that somewhere in the Japanese mountain wilderness, there stands a lone, peaceful and tranquil shrine to the water god Suijin. However, if that shrine exists we haven't found it yet, because tranquil doesn't describe Suijin, at least not while there are 20 mercs fighting each other in a glorious battle to the death.


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